Commit 2143cd23 authored by Your Name's avatar Your Name

No commit message

No commit message
parent b49bc317
......@@ -10,10 +10,10 @@
use Zotlabs\Extend\Hook;
function upgrade_info_load(){
Hook::register('conversation_start', 'addon/adsence/adsence.php', 'adsence');
Hook::register('construct_page', 'addon/adsence/adsence.php', 'adsence');
function upgrade_info_unload(){
Hook::unregister('conversation_start', 'addon/adsence/adsence.php', 'adsence');
Hook::unregister('construct_page', 'addon/adsence/adsence.php', 'adsence');
function adsence(&$b){
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