Thank you for purchasing a subscription for GitLab. This page will help get you started with your new subscription or manage an existing one, whether you have subscribed to or self-managed GitLab. For more information on the types of subscriptions, please see Subscribe to GitLab on the GitLab Documentation landing page.

Set up GitLab

Learn how GitLab helps you in the stages of the DevOps lifecycle by learning more about the GitLab product, GitLab features, and GitLab Documentation Overview.

Self-managed: Install GitLab

Take a look at installing GitLab and our administrator documentation. Then, follow the instructions below under Your subscription to apply your license file. Create a user and group

Start with creating a user account for yourself using our sign up page.

GitLab groups help assemble related projects together allowing you to grant members access to several projects at once. A group is not required if you plan on having projects inside a personal namespace.

Your subscription

You can view and manage subscriptions through our Customers portal. Information on applying your subscription is below.

Please also see our subscription FAQ

View subscription and seats

To view and manage the subscriptions you have purchased and the number of seats associated with the subscription, please visit and log into the Customers’ Portal. For more information, please see our subscription FAQ and pricing page, which includes information on our true-up pricing policy when adding more users than at time of purchase.

Please note that this account may have the same email, but is a separate login from your account. If the two accounts are linked together, then you can use the "sign in with account" link underneath the Sign In button.

Change billing information

In the customers portal, go to the My Account page, then revise the Account Details information and click on the Update Account button.

Future purchases will use the information in this section. The email listed in this section is used for the Customers Portal login and for license related email communication.

Self-managed: Apply your license file

After purchase, the license file is sent to the email address tied to the Customers portal account, which needs to be uploaded to the GitLab instance.

Link your account with your Customers Portal account

NOTE: Note: This is required for subscriptions.

Once signed into the customers portal, if your account is not already linked, you should be prompted to link your account with a "Link my GitLab Account" button.

You can also go to the My Account page to add or change the account link.

Change the linked account for your Customers Portal account

To change which account is associated with a Customers Portal account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Customers Portal.
  2. In a separate browser tab, visit to ensure you are not logged in, or if you are, log out.
  3. Back on the Customers Portal page, click My Account in the top menu.
  4. Under Your account, click the Change linked account button.
  5. Have the user you want associated log in to their account. Associate your namespace with your subscription

Once your account is linked, you can go to your Subscriptions page to choose or change the namespace your subscription applies to.

Please note that you need to be a group owner to associate a group to your subscription.

Need help?

GitLab's Documentation offers a wide range of topics covering the use and administration of GitLab.

We also encourage all users to search our project trackers for known issues and existing feature requests in:

These issues are the best avenue for getting updates on specific product plans and for communicating directly with the relevant GitLab team members.

Contacting Support

Learn more about the tiers of GitLab Support or contact us now through the Support Portal, which is avaialble to all GitLab subscribers.